The Ultimate Guide on Saving Money when Buying an iPhone in Australia

Apple Australia Aug 28th 2020


Hey mates! Would you like to save money on your next iPhone upgrade or replacement? Or, if you have been an Android user all along, secretly hoping to make your first iPhone purchase, but are daunted by the ridiculously expensive brand new iPhone prices?

Well, you are on the right page then!

In an era of escalating costs, global economic meltdowns and diminishing purchasing powers, learn how you can upgrade or replace your phone with Reebelo’s assortment of iPhones safely and seamlessly - while getting a great deal and saving considerable amounts of money!

Face The Facts - Increasing iPhone Prices Year On Year

Let us begin by facing the facts.

Ever since Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007, the prices for newer iPhone models have been skyrocketing not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world. Clearly, Apple’s target audiences might not include budget-conscious folks like you, simply because there still remains a group of elite Apple consumers that are pretty much insensitive and immune to any price change.

Bear in mind that the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro costs about AU$1,750, the 256GB phone costs  is set at AU$2,000, and the 512GB one costs a whopping price of around AU$2,350. After seeing these sky-high prices, you might have to kiss your iPhone dream good-bye.

But wait, do not go off just yet.

You still might be grudgingly acknowledging the fact that iPhones contain various benefits (such as not containing bloatware that consumes a great ton of space in phones) that Android phones do not provide. Moreover, if you have a MacBook, having an accompanying iPhone just makes things much easier as you can receive and make calls with your MacBook by keeping your iPhone close to the former (thanks to MacOS that has a continuity feature).

Even if you do not require the 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens and the 120-degree field of view for wide-ranging photography sessions, you might still consider the older iPhone models simply because they have easy-to-use interfaces.

Therefore, why not consider getting a refurbished iPhone from Reebelo, the APAC most trusted second hand and refurbished devices marketplace in Australia.


Getting A Refurbished iPhone At Reebelo

No longer keen on keeping up with the Jones’s and getting the latest iPhone every year with the most updated multi-camera lens?

You are not alone. Just like you, more and more consumers are switching from brand new phones to second hand or used ones in efforts to save more of their hard-earned money.

After all, many iPhone users use their phones for basic messaging and chatting purposes most of the time.

In light of this reality, why not get a refurbished iPhone from Reebelo with competitive prices? This is because Reebelo works with various reliable providers to get the most competitive prices for you in the market. 

Another good news is that if you were to get a used iPhone at Reebelo, you can put your safety concerns about stolen phones to rest. This is because we at Reebelo work with the certified Australian authorities to ensure that no device transacted on our site is a stolen one.

Also, as many of Reebelo’s iPhones are refurbished or almost brand new ones, you need not worry about getting a decent quality Apple phone. Our proven track record and satisfied customers such as Rodrigo show the excellent quality of our products and services.

“I bought an iPhone XS on Reebelo and I am very satisfied. I have saved money, time, and the iPhone is as good as new. Thanks guys!” - Rodrigo. Reebelo’s Trustpilot customer review.


Look Forward To Double Savings At Reebelo- While Stocks Last!

Do not procrastinate and leave your existing phone lying around while you get another one. The more you delay, the money you would stand to lose as phones depreciate in value daily. Instead, if you are eyeing a particular iPhone from Reebelo’s iPhone collection, hurry up and trade your current phone at the same time to enjoy double savings!