Is It Safe to Buy Refurbished Monitors?

Sep 7th 2023


Looking for a top-quality screen without the top dollar spend? Refurbished monitors are the right choice for you.

While many don’t think of ‘refurbished’ when they’re shopping around for monitors, you’ll be surprised to see the vast collection of home, office, and gaming monitors available in the market. 

What should you look out for? What will make this purchase wise? And really, what does a refurbished monitor even mean?

We’re taking you for a deep dive to clarify these concepts and make this decision easier. Let’s go. 

What is a Refurbished Monitor? 

What are refurbished or renewed monitors and is it safe to buy them? This a very common question in the preloved tech industry, especially for those who’ve never purchased from it before. 

Refurbished monitors are devices that were opened but returned to the seller for a variety of reasons. From a faulty part, which was later fixed, to a simple change of heart - these returned monitors are usually as good as new with minimal use or wear and tear. 

To understand the condition of the preloved monitor, a grade is assigned to each. On Reebelo, you’ll find these screens from Good, Very Good, and Excellent, all the way to Pristine. Do keep in mind that these gradings only apply to the outward aesthetics and not to the internal health. 

So, why should you try refurbished monitors? Hmm, let’s see:

  • Monitors are expensive screens. They’re investments really. Buying refurbished means you can get a bigger, better screen for less money. Instead of settling for a 19-inch, you could potentially upgrade to a 27-inch with a few extra bucks. 
  • Refurbished monitors are guaranteed to be 100% functional. They’re put on the resale market after strict quality controls and thorough repair. For instance, every seller on Reeblo’s tech marketplace is required to pass these monitors through 70+ quality checks. They’re then buffed, cleaned, and tested with automated troubleshooting software. It’s an intense process that vets the very best of devices before putting them up for resale.
  • You get more to choose from in the refurbished monitors market. If a particular model is no longer manufactured or has a long lead time to be restocked, you have a higher chance of finding it refurbished at an affordable price. 

Should You Buy Refurbished Monitors? Top Factors to Consider.

Warranty Coverage & Returns 

It’s important to spend some time understanding the warranty offered on refurbished tech. When you decide to spend on a screen like a refurbished Dell monitor, it helps to know whether or not you have buyer protection. 

As a best practice, Reebelo offers two tiers of warranty coverage for shoppers.

  1. Vendor Warranty: The vendor warranty is similar to the manufacturer warranty. It covers specs or parts damage for 12 months and can be utilized if your refurbished Apple monitor, for instance, stops working within this period. 
  2. Extended Warranty: Extended warranty with ReebloCare is an added benefit offered to our customers. It includes an extension of the vendor warranty for another 12 months + coverage for accidental spills, drops, and other mishaps you may encounter. 


Refurbished Samsung Monitor on Reebelo

For a nominal fee of A$59.00, you can extend the lifespan of this Samsung monitor and enjoy your purchase fully. 

Price Competitiveness 

When you scour the refurbished market for monitors, you automatically assume that these products will be cheaper than brand-new ones. And they are. But how much cheaper or more competitive is this price? Let’s do a quick assessment to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. 

Apple iMac Retina 5K 2019 27” has a price tag of A$2999 on Apple Insider. The same refurbished monitor on Reebelo is available for A$1599 in excellent condition - that’s 50% less than retail. 

This is an extremely competitive price, for a product that will be a useful investment for your home office for years to come. 

Product, Service, or Seller Reviews

Paying attention to reviews is important. Reviews range from product specifications, and service offered, to the seller in general. At Reebelo we lay emphasis on the spoken word because leaving customers happy is part of a happier, healthier planet. And we strive for that every day.

This aspect of preloved shopping becomes even more important if you’re purchasing a refurbished gaming monitor, for instance. It’s a screen where you just can’t go wrong - well because nothing beats an ecstatic gaming experience on a larger-than-life display. 

When you choose a product and browse through our collection, take a look at the reviews buyers leave so you can purchase with complete confidence 😀

Where to Buy Refurbished Monitors? 

Where to buy refurbished monitors so you get the best service, a generous 14-day return policy, and a comprehensive warranty? The short answer: a trustworthy seller.

Sellers who have vetted refurbishing partners ensure that every device goes through rigorous testing and that only the best ones are put on the market. The term certified refurbished holds importance here. It means all the techniques and processes used to restore tech back to working order are approved and follow industry standards. 

Once testing is complete, these monitors are given the certified refurbished grading.

Are You Ready to Invest in Refurbished Monitors? 

So, is it safe to buy refurbished monitors? Is it a worthwhile investment? We say yes, and hope we’ve convinced you with with above information. At Reebelo, we encourage you to give refurbished a try to make smarter choices for your tech and the planet.