Is Buying a Refurbished iPad Mini a Good Idea?

Sep 5th 2023


Always Team iPad? Can’t say you’re wrong. There’s a feeling of ease, comfort, and empowerment when you have a sleek and refurbished iPad Mini tucked under your elbow. It’s like you can save the world with a screen size as small as 7 inches 🌎.

Now that’s true power. 

With renewed and reconditioned tech on the rise, have you been wondering what really is a refurbished iPad? And is investing in a refurbished iPad Mini a good idea or not? If so, read on. We’ve pulled out some price comparisons and the overall value proposition of buying used iPads, the many choices you have, and the perks of giving this industry a well-deserved chance.

We call this a matter of ‘good value and good values.’ 

Why Should You Invest in a Refurbished iPad Mini 

The Dealbreaker Price 

A new iPad Mini 5 (64GB) costs A$829 on the Apple website. The same model in good condition costs less than A$730 on Reebelo, home to sustainable tech devices that are certified refurbished. 

That’s 10%+ in savings right there. Such prices on good quality Apple iPad Minis for sale are the biggest reason you should consider buying one. From being cleaned and sanitized to completely restored to original working condition, refurbished iPads are investment-worthy machines that will last years to come. 

You can customize and personalize your renewed iPad just how you like it, with no hidden data crumbs from previous users. And the savings you just put in your pocket? You can use them smartly to buy essential accessories and handy headphones.

Untapped Market with Expansive Choices 

At Reebelo, we’ve been on a journey to reduce the stigma attached to buying refurbished tech. Busting myths associated with this industry and offering comprehensive buyer protection plans like 30-day returns and 12-month warranties.

It’s an expansive market with so much potential to be tapped. Globally, pre-loved electronics like refurbished iPad Pro, phones, laptops, and other lifestyle tech boasted a market size of US$85.42 billion in 2021. From 2022 to 2031, it is expected to have a CAGR of 12.1%.  

You really will be spoilt for choice once you explore the assortment of refurbished iPad Minis, laptops, accessories, and home tech. From old models to the latest upgrades, you’ll have access to it all. 

So where should you buy a refurbished iPad mini from? Always buy from sellers that are certified and have stringent quality checks in place. For instance, Reebelo’s QC teams ensure all devices pass 70+ quality assurance checkpoints before being delivered to happy, enthusiastic customers.

Cleaned, Sanitized, and Restored to Order

If you've picked the refurbished iPad Mini 5 we just talked about, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you unbox it, and the myths we talked about will stand busted for good! 😯.

Before being sold, certified refurbishers on our platform ensure every device is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Sophisticated and accurate devices like laser beams are used to fix and troubleshoot hardware and software components to restore a refurbished iPad to order. 

Automated diagnostic and battery tests are run to ensure all components and programs within are working perfectly as well. 

Packaged with Comprehensive Warranty 

In our blog on refurbished AirPods, we’ve talked a great deal about warranty, describing it as the fair godmother for renewed or used tech 🪄. And it really is! It is one of the most popular buyer protections our customers want. 

At Reebelo, all our refurbished iPad Mini, Air, and Pro models are packaged with 12 months of vendor warranty. You can also add an extended warranty with ReebeloCare that covers accidental spills, falls, and other mishaps. It’s a complete and comprehensive cover in its truest sense. 

It also gives you access to a very simple, stress-free claims process in case your device does get damaged. 

The Best Refurbished iPad Mini Models You Can Buy 

The Most Powerful - Refurbished iPad Mini 6

Dubbed the pocket powerhouse, the incredible iPad Mini 6th generation is an investment machine. Thin, sleek, and with a bigger screen of 8.3”, the Mini 6 is an ideal tool for back-to-school shoppers, artists, or those with high note-taking needs.

The Apple Pen 2 attaches to the side of the tablet and charges while there - becoming a handy add-on that can be used anytime, anywhere. Starting at A$729 on Reebelo, grab the Mini 6 at an amazing deal right now.

The Jack of all Trades - Refurbished iPad Mini 4

Not the latest specs, but the best price for them. The refurbished iPad Mini 4 packs a punch with an easy-to-handle 7” screen, 2048 x 1536 resolution, and compact design. It also has an anti-glare screen that works well in all indoor or outdoor lights. 

It checks all the boxes for portability, affordability, and functionality. When bought refurbished on Reebelo, the iPad Mini 4 is available at a steal for A$265.

The Most Budget-Friendly - Refurbished iPad Mini 2

Basic, but oh so essential - the refurbished iPad Mini 2 is pocket-friendly and has all the features you would need on a daily basis. One of the most user-friendly tablets with a laser-sharp retina display and a 7-inch screen that fits your palm comfortably. 

On Reebelo, you can cart it for less than A$170 with various configurations and colors to choose from.