Why Refurbished Phones are better than Second Hand Phones

Buying refurbished phones in Australia Aug 28th 2020


So you might be stuck in another government-imposed lockdown (especially if you are in the state of Victoria) but still have to get your mobile phone upgraded or replaced. Yet, all non-essential services have been shut and your local mobile phone store might also be all shuttered up as of the time of writing (August 2020).

Therefore, the only alternative you have to shop for a mobile phone is to shop online for a cheap, second hand or refurbished phone in Australia.

Yet, in such dire economic times like these, you do not want to be bursting your wallet for an overpriced and brand new smartphone.

If you have decided to opt for a used or refurbished smartphone, but are unsure as to the differences between both types of phones, read on to find out how getting a refurbished phone is a good deal in Australia and learn more why refurbished phones are better than used ones.

Definition Of A ‘Second Hand Phone’

If you are obtaining a ‘second hand’ or ‘used phone’ you would be getting one that is  ‘fresh out of the boat’ from the previous owner or user. A used phone might contain batteries that are malfunctioning (or dying), incur substantial scratch marks and dents as well as other defects like a badly cracked screen (depending on how the previous user used it). However, the sad reality is that if you were to buy a used phone from an unverified seller on an online marketplace like eBay, you might get scammed by the dishonest seller into buying a severely damaged phone that otherwise looks pristine and flawless online.

Definition Of A 'Refurbished Phone’ 

On the other hand, a ‘refurbished phone’, while not a brand new one, is a phone that has undergone various forms of cleaning, inspection and repairs. Refurbished phones can be either almost brand new or used phones that have experienced several inspections from sellers and manufacturers to enhance their quality. After these phones have been completely ‘refurbished’, that is, proven to be workable and sellable, they would usually be offered for resale.

Dangers Of Getting A Used Phone Instead Of A Refurbished One

As indicated above, getting a used phone has its accompanying risks, such as getting scammed into paying for one only to find out that it is no longer usable due to severely damaged parts.

There are a couple of online phone marketplaces in Australia that encourage buyers and sellers to physically meet up to inspect phones and negotiate prices before any purchase is made.

However, with the added complication of government imposed lockdowns and movement restrictions in several parts of Australia, you as a potential buyer would be unable to physically meet individual sellers to verify the condition of the phone before purchase.

Even if you were to physically meet individual sellers to verify your phone before you buy it, you are running a personal risk yourself especially if the other party is armed or carries dangerous weapons with him or her.

Moreover, getting a used phone from an individual seller as opposed to getting a refurbished phone from a reputable seller like Reebelo is very risky because the phone obtained could be a stolen one. When you get a stolen phone unknowingly, the original owner might report the theft to his or her phone carrier to block the handset from getting connected to the network. What this implies for you is that regardless of the number of SIM cards you use on your newly obtained phone, you would be unable to use it. The worst-case scenario would be that you end up in hot soup on the wrong side of the law and face a jail term of up to ten years, simply because you were the innocent victim of an online used phone purchase scam. Not worth it, eh?

Moreover, used phones might not have gotten the requisite quality inspections or might not have the important warranty policies to protect your interests as a customer and to maximise the longevity of your phone.

Refurbished Phones Are Less Risky Than Used Ones

Bearing in mind the aforementioned risks with used phones, let us consider why getting a refurbished phone is a  better choice for you when you make your next purchase.

Firstly, getting a refurbished phone would mean that you are getting a phone that has undergone many rounds of quality checks from trusted Australian vendors Hence you can get the same level of technical support from these Australian experts when you buy a refurbished phone, just like when you buy a brand new, albeit a far more expensive one. You can get a refurbished phone with a decent quality at a highly discounted price from trusted Australian refurbished vendors or a proven and trustworthy seller like Reebelo and enjoy huge savings. 

Some people have even commented that getting a refurbished phone in Australia while enjoying the same amount of technical support and paying way less is the smarter choice to make, as compared to getting a used phone (with no guaranteed technical support) or a brand new expensive one. In fact, you might run the risk of getting an expensive brand new phone with accompanying liabilities as not all the brand new phones have undergone inspections as complete as refurbished ones. For great prices and awesome quality, Reebelo’s range of refurbished phones to cater to your various needs would not disappoint.

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