Factors You Might Have Missed Out When Getting A Refurbished Phone

Reebelo Customer review Sep 3rd 2020


Did you know that when you get your phone upgrade or replacement, brand new phones are not the only options out there? However, many retailers and manufacturers in Australia would like you to believe that newer is always and necessarily better.

This is because these retailers and manufacturers are looking to make easy bucks out of customers like you to meet their sales quotas.

Instead of keeping up with the Jones’s and getting the latest phones out on the market at each upgrade or replacement, you should consider the relatively untapped market of refurbished phones for your next purchase.

By getting a refurbished or used phone instead of a brand new one, you can save tons of money while enjoying cool features that best suit your needs.

Before making your next purchase of your desired refurbished phone, check out what factors you might have previously overlooked in order to maximise your spending and get the best value out of your transaction.


Return and Warranty Policies

Put it simply, the return and warranty policies of your desired refurbished phone would be a clear sign of the quality of the phone and the credibility of the phone seller or manufacturer.

A decent return policy that lasts for a few days or weeks would safeguard your interests as a customer because you can return the phone to the seller when the phone does not function as expected within a specified time period. That being said, if you are getting your phone from a peer-to-peer marketplace like eBay or Carousell, you might have to rely on individual agreements between yourself (the buyer) and the respective seller whom you choose to get your phone from.

Moreover, a solid warranty policy is another level of safeguard for your interests as a customer, especially once your return policy is over. If your phone has a warranty policy of around a month or more, you can send it back to the seller or manufacturer for any touch-ups or repairs should it exhibit any previously unknown manufacturing defects. 

Try as much as possible to buy a second hand or refurbished phone that has an accompanying warranty time frame with the purchase. Ideally, this warranty policy should also involve the refurbishers of the phone, in order for you to get your phone repaired as efficiently as possible. Some purchases of refurbished items using credit card payment options might qualify for further warranty extensions, so you might want to check out on that end too.

Nonetheless, if you get your used or second handphone from individual sellers of dubious backgrounds on online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces like eBay, you might run the risk of getting your product without the desired warranty or return policies. This is because many individual phone sellers are in a hurry to get rid of their unwanted used phones and might not entertain any notion of return or warranty policies.

Alternatively, get your refurbished phone at a trusted and reputable marketplace like Reebelo in order to ensure that you get decent return and warranty policies for your refurbished phone purchases. For example, all the products sold on Reebelo Australia enjoy at up to twelve months warranty.


Warning: Be Careful Of Phone Scams And Trolls

In your hurry to get your desired second hand or refurbished phone at the soonest time possible, you might unsuspectingly fall victim to a burgeoning number of phone scams and trolls that capitalise on vulnerable and over-enthusiastic customers. Popular phone scams include random callers asserting that your phone was stolen and you have to return it to them, failing which you would end up in a legal hot soup. You might be unsure of how to react in such situations. Yet such situations are highly probable if you obtained your refurbished phone from unknown and unverifiable individual sellers on eBay and other P2P platforms. The best solution for you in such sticky situations would be to call the police to determine if your used or refurbished phone was in fact stolen or if it had been blacklisted. Get the police involved in the investigation. But, as the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, the safest option for you would be to buy your used or refurbished phone from a trusted site like Reebelo instead of random P2P marketplaces that lack security checks and clearances.


Ensure Seller Credibility

On the same note of seller trustworthiness, do not overlook the credibility and reliability of the particular phone seller from whom you make your used or refurbished phone purchase. Not every Tom, Dick or Harry can be trusted, regardless of how cheaply they sell their phones to you. Oftentimes, the price and deal offered might be just too good to be true. Nevertheless, if you shop for your desired phone on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon Australia that might not conduct ample due diligence checks on their sellers, you are running a huge risk of getting scammed of your hard-earned money. If you think you have the time to individually verify the identities of each individual seller you meet on these P2P marketplaces, think again. Why waste your time and effort going through unnecessary steps when you already have a proven and reliable seller like Reebelo ready to assist you in your phone purchase and able to deliver your purchase right to your doorstep? What is more, Reebelo works with trusted Australian refurbishers and all our refurbished phones have been completely inspected, cleaned and repaired to ensure that you as our customer can maximise the longevity of your next purchase.


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While it is true that there are many options for you as a customer in Australia to get a refurbished phone, the fact remains that few of these options are reliable and have proven track records of providing excellent product quality and customer service. Reebelo might be relatively new in the Australian market as compared to some of these other existing options, but our proven track record and satisfied customer reviews clearly indicate our commitment to making our customers enjoy the purchase process and get the best value out of their money! 


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