How To Choose Your Used Or Refurbished Samsung Phone in Australia

Buying used iPhone checklist Oct 1st 2020


You have decided not to get your brand new Samsung or iPhone in order to save money.

After all, a brand new Samsung phone or iPhone typically cost at least AU$1,000. In these dire times, it would be wiser not to burn too big a hole in your wallet. 

If you are a Samsung phone user, you might still be looking for a good quality phone with the relevant features in order to address your phone needs. To save costs while getting your Samsung phone in Australia, you can opt for a refurbished or secondhand phone. 

However, getting a refurbished or second hand Samsung phone is not that easy as it sounds. With the Australian second hand phone market full of potential scammers and dubious sellers trying to sell poor quality or stolen phones to unsuspecting buyers, you as a buyer would need to be savvy and conduct your due diligence checks in order to ensure you buy a quality refurbished or second hand phone at a competitive price. 

The following shows a checklist for buying second hand or refurbished Samsung phones in Australia. 

1) Ensure That Trusted Vendors Have Quality Refurbished Samsung Phones 

If you are getting a refurbished Samsung phone, ensure that the phone has been completely checked, inspected and repaired by trusted parties, such as certified vendors in Australia. If you buy your refurbished Samsung phone on a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace such as Amazon Australia or eBay, chances are that your so-called ‘refurbished’ phone might not be genuinely or thoroughly cleaned up and scanned by certified experts for potential defects. This is because many sellers on P2P marketplaces are individual sellers with potentially questionable backgrounds. Should they succeed in selling you their defective or stolen phone, you would lose your hard-earned money and get into trouble with the law as a result. 

Fortunately, if you get your refurbished Samsung phone from Reebelo Australia, you would not have to worry about seller trustworthiness. All Reebelo Australia’s vendors are Australian and certified experts to make sure that our customers get the best quality refurbished phones possible with an accompanying 12 month warranty. For example, you might get the Samsung Galaxy S10 series up to 41% off or the Samsung Galaxy Note series at up to 47% off! 


2) Conduct An Accessory Audit On Your Refurbished Or Secondhand Phone Purchase

Don’t be in a rush to purchase your desired refurbished or secondhand Samsung phone. This is because you must not overlook important details like accompanying products and accessory boxes that come along with your phone. 

Conduct a meticulous accessory audit on the accompanying products to your purchased Samsung phone. For instance, does your phone purchase take into consideration the cables and chargers? If your purchase excludes essential accessories like cables and chargers, you might have to incur additional costs to buy these missing accessories. Think about whether these extra expenditures would affect your overall budget for this particular purchase to guide your decision. 
You also would meet with considerable risks should you buy your secondhand or refurbished Samsung phone from individual sellers on P2P marketplaces. Many of these individual sellers might be dishonest and hide potential defects in the phone, or lie about what the accompanying products in the phone accessory box are. The money you pay these sellers might not be the total amount you would eventually incur in the end. 

Instead, get your second hand or refurbished Samsung phone from Reebelo because it is the reliable secondhand phone marketplace in Australia. Reebelo provides all customers with straightforward steps to guide them through the purchase process. All costs are upfront and customers would have full knowledge of what they would be getting into when they buy a Reebelo phone. Many customers such as Zoe are happy with the condition of the phones and easy fast transaction experience with Reebelo.

Very happy with the phone and easy fast transaction

This is the first time I have bought a refurbished phone and I must say I am extremely happy by the quality and the speed of delivery. The phone came on time and the condition is good as new. To anyone who is looking for a quality phone and great online shopping experience I would recommend Reebelo! - Zoe, Reebelo Australia Customer review from Trustpilot.

3) Check If The Phone Has Been Stolen Or Blacklisted

Security plays a huge role when it comes to getting a phone, especially a secondhand or refurbished phone. There have been many cases of unsuspecting buyers buying stolen or blacklisted phones and getting onto the wrong side of the law through no fault of their own. In many of these cases, culpable sellers emerged scot-free and had their crimes unpunished and the P2P marketplace might not be able to offer any help for stolen phone purchase on their platform. Oftentimes, if the price of a phone seems too good to be true, or if the seller seems anxious to sell his or her Samsung phone, you would have to raise your suspicions and be even more vigilant before you decide to make any purchase decision. 


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