How to Choose Your Refurbished Or Used Apple iPhone

phone warranty Jul 25th 2022


Do you need to replace your existing iPhone or upgrade it as your needs change?. Or is your current phone damaged due to an  ‘accident’  from one too many wild nights?

Replacing your iPhone with another one can be a difficult decision, with the iPhones becoming incredibly expensive. 

If price is an issue, we recommend  getting a refurbished or secondhand iPhone instead. That being said, you might have to guard against dishonest or unreliable sellers on the Internet. Many  might choose to get your phone from a trusted family member or friend. 

In a crowded secondhand or refurbished marketplace such as eBay and Amazon, how can you choose your desired iPhone while enjoying considerable savings? 

Read on  to find out how exactly you can do so.

 1) Is The Seller Trustworthy? 

Imagine forking out money  for your desired refurbished or secondhand phone only to find out that the phone has been stolen or blacklisted. While this nightmare scenario might seem like those in the movies, the truth is that it can happen anywhere and to you, especially when you buy your refurbished or secondhand phone from online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces that permit sellers of any background to sell their phones. 

The best way to safeguard yourself would be to find a trustworthy seller to get your desired refurbished or secondhand iPhone. If you buy your desired refurbished or secondhand iPhone from Reebelo Australia, you would not have to worry about whether your phone has been stolen or blacklisted by the Australian police. All of Reebelo Australia’s partners are certified Australian vendors and no phone transacted on our platform has been stolen or blacklisted. 

2) How Is The Battery Life Of The Phone?

You can get an average of about 10 hours of battery life for speaking on the iPhone. However, even solid battery lives do not last forever because battery abilities drop as time goes on. Inspect the battery life of your desired second hand or refurbished iPhone before you buy it. After you buy it, continue to monitor the battery capacity of the iPhone before. If you buy a second hand phone that is more than 1 year old, think of extra costs you would have to fork out when you install a new battery. 

The safest way is to get your refurbished iPhone from Reebelo Australia because battery life would not be an issue. Your refurbished iPhone would have been totally cleaned, repaired and checked by Reebelo’s trusted Australian vendors. The Reebelo team strives constantly to ensure healthy battery level for every refurbished phone. 

3) Does The Phone Have A Good Warranty Period? 

The phone warranty is another key factor when it comes to getting the right refurbished iPhone. Getting any phone would be a risk on the buyer’s part. However, one way to buffer yourself from any possible purchase scams would be a good phone warranty time frame. A refurbished iPhone with a solid warranty time frame can at least provide some reassurance that you can send your iPhone back to the seller or manufacturer for further repairs after purchase. Chances are that if you get your refurbished iPhone from an individual seller with no proven track record, you might not enjoy the perks of a quality phone with a good warranty period. If you get your phone from Reebelo, you can enjoy 12 months warranty, coupled with a free countrywide phone delivery to your doorstep. 

4) Is Your iPhone Unlocked? 

If you are keen to purchase a particular refurbished iPhone, check if the phone is unlocked. Unlocked phones offer the flexibility to choose your preferred phone contract and service provider. Moreover, an unlocked iPhone would make it much easier to trade it in when you need to. On the contrary, if you have a carrier-locked iPhone, you would have to go through the tiresome process of unlocking it should you need to trade it in for another phone upgrade in the future. The great news is that all of Reebelo Australia’s phones are unlocked to provide customers like you with flexibility for phone upgrade and replacement options. 

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