How to Save Money When Getting A New Phone in Australia

Bargain Hunter Australia Oct 1st 2020


In the 21st century world, phones have become such an integral part of our everyday lives. With phone manufacturers and retailers constantly enhancing the features of their phone collection, many of you might be itching to replace or upgrade your existing phones to address your needs. 

That being said, the exorbitant prices of brand new phones take up a huge portion of your monthly take-home incomes. For example, an iPhone XR might cost  a whopping AU$1000 for a brand new 64GB model. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy S10 might cost you a minimum of AU$1100. 

How Can You Save Money? 

But wait, do not ditch your phone upgrading plans just yet, mate! You can still upgrade or replace your phone, while saving money in the process.

How’s that? 

Well, one solution is to get a cheap used or refurbished phone instead of an expensive brand new one. 

Rushing to get the latest or coolest-looking smartphone in the market simply because your friends and the public are raving about it would not be the best thing to do. Make a careful assessment of your needs versus your wants and align them with your budget. After all, you, as well as many other phone users, might use only the basic features of your phone . If you are not a professional photographer, you might not need the niche features in say, the iPhone 11 or 12, but can opt for the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) starting from $399

Check the remainder of this article for money-saving tips d to find out how bargain hunters like you can save money while getting cheap used or refurbished smartphones here in Australia!

1) Sign a Contract

If you are set on getting a brand new phone, the first thing that comes to mind to save money while buying your phone would be to sign a contract with one of the mobile phone carriers in Australia, such as Vodafone, Telstra or Optus. Different contract plans with different telcos in Australia might help you save some money, at least on the initial upfront payment costs. 

Having said that, you would be stuck to the particular phone contract that you signed up with the respective telco for the rest of the contract duration. What if your needs change over time or if you calculate that this particular contract is not that cost-efficient after all in the long run? You would not be able to easily change your phone contract or get an unlocked phone without incurring extra costs. 

2) Use A SIM-Only Plan

One of your regular expenses every month would likely be your mobile bills. 

Couple these bills with overpriced mobile data plans and phone contracts from giant telcos and you might find yourself having  to pay through your nose more often than not. Signing up with a phone contract is not the only option out there in Australia. 

Instead, how about opting for a SIM-only plan to cut your costs when getting your phone upgrade or replacement?

Simply put, SIM-only plans are postpaid plans that do not lock buyers like you into fixed-duration phone contracts. These SIM-only plans can reduce your phone bills significantly without drastically changing your mobile phone consumption habits. The flexibility provided by such a scheme lets bargain hunters like you search for the cheapest mobile plan and phone available in the market. Telco companies in Australia like Finder provide SIM-only plans, so you might want to check them out. 

However, one downside of a SIM-only plan is that you would need to be more alert to your mobile phone data usage, especially if you consume data in huge amounts. This is because if you are a huge data consumer, you might have to buy additional data to address your data use. Over time, these accumulated costs due to purchases of additional data might lead to more overall costs incurred than if you were to stick to a fixed phone contract. 

3) Be A Bargain Hunter! Get A Refurbished Phone To Compliment The SIM-Only Plan

If you decide that the SIM-only plan is more workable and cost-friendly for you in the long run but still want to scrimp on additional unnecessary costs, be a bargain hunter and get a quality refurbished phone from Reebelo Australia to compliment your SIM-only plan. 

By doing so, you can have the flexibility of switching mobile phone plans when your needs call for it, and also can enjoy the excellent quality of your desired phone that has been thoroughly inspected and repaired - all at a cheap price! For example, the iPhone XS (256 GB) at Reebelo costs only $859

If you are concerned that you might get a phone of low quality, fret not with Reebelo. All of Reebelo’s refurbished phones, such as our iPhone collection, have been completely cleaned, checked and polished up by certified Australian experts to ensure their pristine quality. Additionally, our 14-days free return policy for all our Australian customers guarantees the premium standards that we hold dear and ensures that our customers’ interests are properly met. 

Let Reebelo Help You Save The Most Money!

If you are looking to save money when buying a phone in Australia, let Reebelo address your concerns about unreliability, price and quality. As all our vendors are Australian and certified, we at Reebelo ensure that no phone transacted on our platform is stolen or blacklisted. Moreover, with our free drop-off delivery services to your doorstep, you can collect your purchased phone in a contact-free and seamless manner. With the warranty time frames of our phones up to 12 months, rest assured that your refurbished or used phones would not disappoint! Hurry up and check our phone collection here now!