Is a Used MacBook Pro a Good Investment?

Aug 11th 2023


You’d recognize that shiny, unifold surface anywhere. That powerful presence of a quick, efficient processor. The smooth, rounded edges, engineered with so much craftsmanship. And a hefty price tag. Is there a way to own the laptop you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank? Is a used MacBook Pro a good investment?

You’ve asked a question that many simply think. So, bravo for that. You’re bold and courageous to consider a refurbished and used MacBook as your machine of choice. Now, let’s show you what a wise decision you’re about to make. 

4 Reasons a Used MacBook Pro Is a Good Investment

Quality tech is an investment you want to cash in for years to come. With the aim to streamline your tasks, make life easier, and be your go-to laptop, buying a MacBook Pro needn’t become a burden on your finances. 

At Reebelo, a certified refurbished Apple MacBook Pro is an ideal pick for anyone who wants a quality device that is 100% functional and comes with perks like extended warranty and free shipping. And if you must spend that 40% (we know the temptation!), you can pair useful accessories like the refurbished AirPods you’ve always wanted or a refurbished monitor like an HP, Dell, or iMac to elevate your home office experience. 

And as you rejoice in that revelation, let’s talk about why a used MacBook Pro can be a great investment for you.

You love a MacBook Pro. But you cherish your money more. Let’s keep doing that… 

The MacBook Pro series is a professional lineup by Apple. It boasts the most robust processor and horsepower by the company and comes with savvy features that make work and commuting easier. So, while these are a nice-to-have for any Pro-level laptop user, this package comes at a price. 

For instance, the latest 14-inch M2, 10 Core CPU MacBook costs A$3199.00. That’s two grand out of your pocket in a jiffy. This is where considering a refurbished MacBook Pro is a wise decision - especially because it gives the same features and benefits for a much lower price. 

Reebelo has a vast collection of refurbished Apple MacBooks for sale. You can find early models like the MacBook Pro 2011 13.3” starting at A$539 all the way up to the latest MacBook Pro 2022 13.3” starting at A$2049. Depending on the condition and storage configurations you choose, you can save up to 40% on your purchase.

As for the quality, rest assured. We hand-pick our vendors and pass every refurbished MacBook Pro through 70+ quality checks. Reebelo’s trustworthiness stems from these details. You will always be satisfied with your purchase. If not, you can make use of the 14-day returns, and our customer service team is always ready to help. 

You can get a bigger, better screen & processor for less.

Let’s say you’re willing to let that two grand out of your pocket (seriously?!). By doing so, you’re settling for a base model with a small screen. When buying refurbished, you can easily upgrade to a bigger, better quality screen - and for less money. Isn’t that an easy choice? 

With the same budget - or less - you can pick from a wide range of Pro options like a 15.4” or 16” screen, M1 or M2 processor, TouchBar or no TouchBar, 8 Core or 10 Core, and 256GB or 1TB. 

The refurbished market lets you make these choices with a comfortable budget in hand. Instead of settling for a base model, you can decide which configurations best suit your profession, workload, and lifestyle. 

You get a device that’s vetted. Not one. But Twice.

A new Apple MacBook Pro passes strict quality tests and is sold to a buyer. A refurbished MacBook passes these quality tests again when the first buyer sells it back. It’s vetted twice for hardware, internal parts, RAM, and aesthetics before making it to the shelf again. 

What we’re really saying is we care about what our customers buy. That’s why we offer buyer protection: a 12-month warranty, free delivery, and absolutely free returns. You get a vetted, 100% functional refurbished MacBook Pro and we get happy customers. 

Now that’s a win-win 🏆.

You earn a feather in your cap. You’re a planet-saver now. 

What’s that? A MacBook Pro owner and a sustainability patron? Now those are the plaques you want to hold high with pride. Reebelo’s mission is to make refurbished devices a norm by answering questions like 'is buying a used MacBook Pro worth it?' and educating the masses on the value of sustainability. 

Our planet is in need of a circular economy that encourages the reuse of tech devices because the carbon-rich manufacturing process alone contributes 95% of emissions to the environment. Read more about this environmental impact on our blog.

Reducing our carbon footprint is possible, and like we said, you’ve boldly taken that first step by giving refurbished a try.