Are Refurbished Gaming Consoles Worth Buying?

Aug 10th 2023


While setting up the common area in our office this past month, the choice of entertainment that took an unrivaled top spot was refurbished gaming consoles. They’re a popular wind-down pick for our teams, and boy, were we glad to have a well-stocked inventory on Reebelo just when we needed them!

But it got us wondering… Would used consoles be top of mind for you? Or are you still debating whether refurbished gaming consoles are even worth buying? For us, they’re the only choice because while we have fun, we get to save the planet one game at a time 🕹️

Whether you’re a casual lunch-break gamer or a serious meet-me-in-the-basement player, refurbished gaming consoles can save you hundreds of dollars without compromising your experience. 

Let’s tell you how.

What’s the Value of Refurbished Gaming Consoles? 

We’re all aware and well-versed with the infamous Xbox 360. Gamer or not, you’ve seen it, felt it, held it, and most likely sat next to someone playing it. It’s OG. Since its release in 2005, the Xbox 360 was Sony’s flagship console for 8 years. 

For these eight years (and beyond), people enjoyed and cherished their consoles because they had value. It was made to last. Today, even after multiple newer releases, a refurbished gaming console like the Xbox 360 has respectable value and sells for $100-$150. 

With each of these consoles, you get the same online community, an excellent gaming experience, and full access to games and perks. And whenever you feel you need an upgrade, you’ll find plenty of choices in the renewed market at up to 40% off retail.  

The bottom line: gaming consoles hold value for longer. Unlike refurbished iPhones, MacBooks, and other laptops, these devices do not have newer versions hitting the shelves every year. Therefore, they’re designed and engineered to last many years. And frankly, when compared to other tech gadgets, used and refurbished gaming consoles make one of the best investments ever. 

Now that’s what we call fun and valuable 🎮

What To Look Out For In a Refurbished Gaming Console?

Comprehensive Warranty

Music to our ears? Refurbished gaming consoles with warranty. Now that’s a deal you can’t say no to. Reebelo’s certified refurbished Playstations, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles have comprehensive warranties. These include: 

  • A 12-month free warranty, either from the manufacturer or the vendor - depending on the console you purchase. In case of any defects within the warranty period, repairs or replacements are offered free of charge. 

For instance, you can add extra coverage for this refurbished Microsoft Xbox One X for a nominal fee of A$35. It will protect the console from accidental damage due to drops, spills, mishandling, and other events not covered by the existing warranty. 

The best part? You get unlimited repairs for up to the value of the Xbox One itself. Click here for more details on ReebeloCare.

Refurbished Gaming Console on Reebelo

Refurbished Condition Grading 

Used gaming consoles on Reebelo come with detailed explanations of their grades aka conditions. These include: Pristine, Excellent, & Good. While Pristine will have no wear & tear, Good may have minor scratches and wear on the console and the controller. 

However, rest assured that none of these cosmetic conditions impact the functionality of the device or the gaming experience. Vetted vendors who partner with Reebelo use certified refurbishing procedures like detailed troubleshooting, thorough cleaning, and repeated testing to ensure 100% functionality. 

Where to Buy Refurbished Gaming Consoles Under A$300

If we’ve convinced you that refurbished gaming consoles are worth buying (cha-ching!), let's talk about some options and where to buy them. Sustainable gaming has become a huge market with thousands of regular and special editions being sold after reconditioning. 

Before you pick a source, make sure you go through this checklist. 

  • Is the supplier selling certified refurbished? 
  • Is warranty included? 
  • Is it eligible for return? 
  • It is trustworthy? Is it backed by reviews?
  • Is condition grading explained?

Our team’s picks for the most exciting refurbished gaming consoles under $250 include: 

  1. Nintendo Switch Lite 

It’s handheld, it’s light, and it's full of adventure. The refurbished Nintendo Switch Lite has been revolutionary in the gaming industry. With the controllers built-in, you can take it anywhere for personalized play. 

  1. Sony Playstation 3 Slim Gaming Console

The refurbished Sony Playstation Slim is equipped with BluRay technology, elevating your gaming experience to the best hi-definition display possible. Along with a dual shock controller with motion and pressure sensors, download games, compete in online tournaments, and stream content. 

  1. Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console

Enjoy all the signature Xbox features along with new additions like Kinect, Smart Match, Snap content, and advanced multiplayer gaming. Leverage a powerful network with 300,000 servers to play, stream, chat, and video call - all from one smart console.