Should You Buy Refurbished AirPods? 3 Red Flags to Watch Out For

Jul 24th 2023


The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: You don’t need one. It’s a Yes. 

There’s no two ways about it. We love refurbished AirPods. Our global, hybrid team uses them daily to drown out the loud lawn mower or to resist the temptation to join in on the laughter coming from our office kitchen. What can we say- they’re a lifesaver and an investment that doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. 

So, whether you’re curious to just see what ‘as new’ looks like or simply need to upgrade your earphones to these sleek, wireless ones - buying refurbished AirPods is a smart decision. Not only does it help you save up to 40% off retail, it also makes you a responsible, well-informed global citizen looking out for the planet. It’s a win-win. 

Now, fair warning. Not all ‘refurbished tech’ is the same. You usually find us talking about the benefits of refurbished technology and all the perks you get when buying from Reebelo. Today, we want to turn the tables and talk about what NOT to settle for when refurbished AirPods are on your mind. 

It’s interesting, stay tuned!

3 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying Refurbished Apple AirPods 

Dirty Ear Tips.

You signed up for refurbs. Not dirty. There’s a big difference.

The biggest red flag to watch out for when buying used AirPods is a lack of hygiene. For a device that is worn inside the ear, it is a no-brainer that the cleaning process has to be intense. Make sure you peer inside the ear tips, feel the mesh to ensure it’s cleaned up, and check the ear tip lining to spot any unpleasant gunk.

There should be none. When you buy reconditioned AirPods from a certified and vetted seller, there should be no ‘icky’ feeling as you unbox the earphones and examine them from all angles. 

The only feeling you should be supporting is excitement to give your smart purchase a test run. And that’s a guarantee with the detailed sanitization, cleaning, and buffing Reebelo’s certified refurbishers have in place. 

P.S. Our refurbished Apple AirPods come with silicone ear tips so you can adjust the size based on your requirements and clean them out when needed.

Clean & Shiny But Duped. 

With tech dupes now widely available, it’s always worth your while to test products thoroughly. While it may look clean and shiny, is the sound quality satisfactory?

A few tips we always keep in mind to spot refurbished, original AirPods from dupes are: 

  • Pair and check the alert on your iPhone. All systems, from iOS 16 onwards, have a feature to detect fake paired devices. If this particular pair is not original, you’ll see a pop-up message ‘Cannot Verify AirPods.’ 
  • Verify the serial number on the box and do the same in your iPhone settings as well. You can find more information about serial numbers on Apple’s support page.
  • Examine the packaging. Original Apple packaging is made of high-quality, recyclable materials. There are no spelling mistakes on the text and the box definitely doesn’t feel like cheap cardboard. 
  • Trust the details. Compare your purchase to the original photos on Apple’s website. Some replica cases have extra vents, come in colors not advertised by the brand, and need permission to connect each time you open the case. These tiny details make a brand like Reebelo trustworthy. 

P.S. There is nothing wrong with using dupes. As long as that's what you wanted and paid for. 

Expired Warranty.

Warranty. It’s the Fairy Godmother of refurbished tech. Always there, watching over it. So if you find out post-purchase that you’ve been left hanging high and dry without any cover, *poof* your fairy godmother has disappeared.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Certified sellers who only partner with vetted refurbishers will always offer a 14-day return window, a 12-month warranty, and an option for an extended warranty at a nominal fee. 

This comprehensive cover, and honoring it, is what makes the refurbished industry a front-runner in consumer decision-making. We suggest carrying out an extensive search for questions like ‘do refurbished AirPods come with a warranty’, and the many sellers who offer it before you finalize your purchase. 

Do You Love Your Refurbished AirPods? 

If you ordered these refurbished AirPods to see firsthand what ‘as new’ looks like, we hope you’re loving your purchase. 

Once you have them in your hand, you’ll see there’s really nothing to worry about. If you’re buying from a trusted refurb tech platform like Reebelo, you’re protected with a 12-month warranty, and if you’re still not satisfied, you get 14 days to return them for a full refund.

See, nothing to be afraid of. We got your back.