Reebelo Australia’s Customer Reviews - What Australian Customers Have Been Saying About Reebelo in Australia

Reebelo Customer review Dec 3rd 2020


Why Reebelo?

So, you’re thinking of getting a preloved or refurbished phone, laptop or other electronic device and are wondering why you should get it from Reebelo?

The first place that might come to mind are peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree, but wait! There are so many horror stories about meeting up with dishonest sellers who might overcharge buyers or you might be unknowingly buying a stolen phone that could open up potential troubles with the law.

2020 has been dominated by the coronavirus and in some places there are still restrictions in place with many brick-and-mortar stores remaining shut. Reliability is an important factor when buying preloved devices and second-hand phone marketplaces like Reebelo work with trusted Australian vendors, offering their products at highly competitive prices.

Don’t just take it from us! Here are some testimonials from Reebelo’s customers for you to consider before purchasing.


Amazing Second-Hand Inventory 

One major thing that stood out amongst Reebelo’s happy customers is the wide collection of affordable second-hand or used devices like phones, laptops and tablets. Reebelo’s range of quality used devices and easy to use website means that customers can first browse through a selection of devices before deciding which device would best suit their needs. There’s something for everyone! Take this lovely customer who praised our fast shipping and phone condition:

“Ordered iPhone 7 Plus and it was as per the description and in great condition. As promised arrived in 3 days ! Definitely great value for $$ spent and outstanding service. Loved their user friendly website too..I’ve already recommended my friends about Reebelo !!”

All refurbished phones on Reebelo’s platform are 100% certified functional and have been completely cleaned, inspected and repaired (if necessary). Since Reebelo works closely with Australia based vendors, customers can confidently shop for second-hand devices and have their item shipped from within Australia. 


Trustworthiness is Key

We’re proud of this one! Reebelo’s past customers have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with their purchase experiences that they’ve indicated they would happily return to shop. This is because these customers regarded Reebelo as a highly trustworthy and credible platform from the start to the end of their purchase journeys. Customers particularly appreciated Reebelo’s prompt and flawless communication approaches to ensure the best interactions possible. Take the following anecdote from a customer who was impressed by Reebelo’s reliability: 

Again, I purchased a Samsung s10 plus this time . Quoted as excellent condition. True to form. Delivery was speedy and condition as advertised. Very pleased again with my purchase . Highly recommended

Such prompt and round-the-clock customer service is crucial in assuring customers that Reebelo is a reliable platform that doesn't scam customers. Also, customers who were initially skeptical about Reebelo were convinced of Reebelo’s reliability when they actually interacted with our customer service team and got their price competitive product in excellent quality. 

“I was a bit sceptical about buying the phone, I read the reviews and chatted to someone on line. Im so glad I did got a great phone like new can't tell the difference except for the price, saved $1100 amazing. Great service really felt like I was being looked after, thanks Reebelo.”


Reebelo’s 24/7 Customer Service and Operations 

On the topic of customer service, Reebelo has enjoyed a positive string of delighted customer reviews due to our relentless efforts in keeping our customers more than satisfied when interacting with us. Customers regarded our fast replies as important in ensuring that their purchase experiences were as positive as possible in an era of remote communications. The fact that Reebelo offers round-the-clock customer service and operations support to assist customers shows that we are more than a marketplace for preloved and refurbished devices. Instead, we aim to create seamless customer experiences for each individual customer. As no two customers are the same, Reebelo ensures that every customer gets his or her own personalised advice from the get-go.

I was after an iPhone x. there are several merchants out there that you can buy one. Rebelo somehow felt more open and secure. they offered a 12-month warranty, with a 15-day return upon receipt of the item. So i decided to go with them. take your time in choosing, because prices vary for the same product. I chose one that was described as excellent condition and cheaper than the rest. the item arrived in a very short time. I took my time looking for scratches or blemishes and finally found a blemish. well, I think its a blemish. it's near the site where the sim card is inserted. I doubt that you would notice it. the phone can be described as nearly new. the communication with Reebelo was prompt and helpful. if you are looking for a good quality phone I would certainly recommend Rebelo.

- Reebelo Australia TrustPilot Review

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Excellent Cost Savings!

Many customers were very happy when they received their devices as they were almost brand-new and in mint condition. Thus, they could enjoy significant cost savings by paying reasonable prices of refurbished or second-hand phones while enjoying phones that were as good as, if not better than, brand new ones! 

“I bought the iPhone 7 Plus and it arrived within 3 days, the phone came with lots of extras and was in a very secure package. The phone also was very clean and came with no scratches on the screen. The price was very affordable since if you were to get the iPhone 7 Plus from the apple store, it would be $700+ but it was on $399. Overall great product and website, will order again. 😊”
- Reebelo Australia TrustPilot Review


Look Forward To An Enjoyable Customer Experience At Reebelo 

Reebelo is not just all talk and no action. Instead, we have taken concrete steps to ensure that all customer concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Our huge inventory of second-hand devices, reliability, trustworthiness, prompt customer service and contactless delivery methods ensure that customers’ best interests are put first. Check out our awesome preloved collection of Apple products like iPhones as well as Android devices here