How Our Team Is Keeping Australia Beautiful

Oct 11th 2022


This week marks Keep Australia Beautiful Week, an initiative that is very close to our hearts. To celebrate, we asked our Melbourne team for their top tips to reduce waste — let's see what some of our team had to say.

1. Choose re-usable whenever you can.

You will always find two things in Elena's bag. Our Social Media Manager carries a reusable coffee cup and re-fillable water bottle wherever she goes.

"Did you know that after just 8 uses, a reusable coffee cup has a lower carbon impact than disposable cups? That's just one week of coffees for me!"

2. Donate clothes and buy second-hand where possible.

Noah, our Graphic Designer, is an op-shop connoisseur. You'll often find him along Smith Street hunting for treasure.

"Fast Fashion has such a huge environmental footprint, why not quench your shopping addiction in an environmentally friendly way? Plus who doesn't love cheap clothes that are ahead of the fashion curb?!?"

3. Compost food waste 

Gardening has quickly become a favourite weekend activity for Mariana, our Marketing Director. Since moving into her new home, she has become quite the green thumb. Her top tip? Food composting!

"Composting food waste has many benefits for your garden. It improves the soil quality and garden vitality, a great alternative to fertiliser. And it saves us money, it's a win, win!"

4. Bring reusable bags each time you go shopping

Our Director of Sales, Danny, ensures he always brings bags from home when he does his weekly grocery shopping.

"Reusable shopping bags are practical because they are much stronger than plastic bags. They are also economic because you don't need to buy them over and over again. Most importantly, they are environmental. Plastic bags can take anywhere from 15 years to a massive 1,000 years to decompose."

5. Reducing waste at home doesn't have to be difficult

Simpson, our Development Team Lead, shares the small changes that can make a big impact.

"Being more sustainable and waste-free at home is actually not that hard. I have swapped out my plastic toothbrush for an eco one, use silicone food wraps instead of plastic wrap and post my parcels with compostable mailers to name a few."

6. Buying refurbished tech reduces your carbon footprint by up to 70%

Next time you need to upgrade your phone or computer, explore our range of refurbished devices. You help save the planet AND save money. It is a win, win!!