Green Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

May 16th 2023


Living sustainably and using green or refurbished technology is a common resolution made by people at the turn of every new year. A study indicates that 77% of Americans and Australians surveyed wanted to learn about sustainable everyday habits and the ways they can contribute to a healthier planet.

While sustainability and renewable energy are centuries old concepts (didn’t our ancestors solely rely on wind to blow their sails?) innovations in this field are ripe. Cutting edge processes are widening the net for circular economies, which will help reduce the carbon impact on our environment.  

From ditching single use plastic bags and cups to investing in refurbished phones, TVs, and laptops - we all want our efforts to count and make a difference. Which is why it helps to be in the know and understand the most prominent trends and patterns in green tech.

Top 3 Green Technology Trends We’re Rooting For 

Circular Waste Management

Circular Waste Management has its roots in smart recycling. This model of manufacturing and management doesn’t see waste as ‘waste’. Rather, as a raw material that could be used for something new. 

A circular economy in the tech sector encourages every player in the industry to be less ‘resource-intensive’.  It’s all about redesigning materials and eventually reducing the negative impact technology usage has on the environment.

In 2023, this practice is picking up speed. Innovative start ups are recognizing the importance of precious materials that are mined from the earth using scarce resources. These materials do not belong in landfills. They can be easily upcycled and used in refurbished laptops, phones, and other preloved electronics. 

At Reebelo, we’re striving to address the fear and hesitation associated with reconditioned tech. Considering ourselves active members of the circular economy, it is our mission to sell 100% functional everyday refurbished devices that help your hip-pocket and the environment.

Carbon Capture & Storage 

A must follow trend for 2023 is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). This revolutionary process aims to capture carbon dioxide emissions from the source, transporting them safely, and then storing them in deep underground cellars. 

The roots of this innovative idea lie in the premise that simply limiting emissions is no longer enough to tackle global warming. The percentage of carbon in the atmosphere needs to be actively drawn out. 

Capture 6, a startup in green tech, is aiming to capture and store carbon dioxide, starting with New Zealand. The nation emits 80 million tones of greenhouse gasses a year. Beginning with 5000 tons, Capture 6 will use sea water and renewable energy sources like solar and wind to draw out these gasses and store them in underground tanks. 

What a fantastic way to help New Zealand up its efforts to reduce carbon footprint and move towards a more refurbished future.

Eco-Friendly Laptops & Other Electronics 

We’ve previously talked in length about carbon neutral laptops on our blog. An interesting read and an even more fascinating concept! 

Refurbished or reconditioned tech like laptops and phones are a definite step towards normalizing eco-friendly devices. A step further is seeing more and more manufacturers using sustainable and green technologies to produce brand new tech products. 

We all know how Apple is setting up solar and wind farms to power its data centers, and also help suppliers transition to sustainable sources of power. What goes unnoticed, however, are the small, incremental, eco-friendly changes in your favorite gadgets.

Case in point: one of the best and fastest selling refurbished laptops on our website, Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, is Energy Star certified. Why?

  • Its Type Cover is wrapped in a carbon neutral material called Alcantara.

  • It is distributed from a 100% renewable-powered distribution center, and

  • It uses 15%-16% less power compared to previous models. 

    Now, isn’t green energy a marvel on its own? And boy, are we here for it 🙌