EOFY 2023 Australia - The Best Tech at the Best Time of the Year

Jun 19th 2023


With the end of the financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, we couldn’t help thinking of the best refurbished tech that would be worth investing in for work, and writing off as well 😉. Reminiscent of big deal days like Black Friday and Boxing Day, but only better, EOFY rings in splurge worthy deals on some of your favorite products. 

A lil’ something for every shopper - that’s how we see our certified, vetted and carefully curated selection of preloved tech. Whether you’re in the market for a new or refurbished laptop, phone, or headphones - Reebelo’s up to 40% off deals are sure to put a smile on your face as you gear up to file your taxes.

From Our Team - Top EOFY 2023 Picks & Tricks

When you start your EOFY 2023 shopping, there’ll be plenty to choose from. From phones and laptops to office improvement gadgets; you’ll really be spoilt for choice across our discounted and tax-deductible offers. So, first things first - plan ahead. 

Having a well thought-out plan will ensure you can act fast and take advantage of the best tech deals at Reebelo. Since all deals are linked to specific products - once that device sells, it’s gone!

To make this choice easier, we asked our inhouse refurbished tech experts for some tips and tricks to help you get ‘click ready’. These serial shoppers (say hello to the Reebels!) recommend starting with some questions. 

They swear by the following checklist:

  • Which new or refurbished devices are you looking for? 
  • Where and how will they be used? 
  • What’s the profession or project these will be dedicated to?
  • How savvy are you with the latest technology? 
  • Are these devices for you or other team members?  
  • What’s the budget you have in mind? 

      This last question is, perhaps, the hinge pin. At Reebelo, we understand how important it is to invest in high quality devices yet honour the budget you so lovingly (pun intended) set out. 

      That’s the primary reason we believe in ‘good value and good values.’ Buying refurbished tech is a wise choice. It helps you save money and give back to the planet so you can enjoy your upgraded laptop or phone to the fullest - especially if you take advantage of our EOFY sales!

      Upcoming birthdays & office parties? Get giftin’.

      Have upcoming social & work engagements? Getting presents for birthdays, office parties, game nights, and promotions from the end of financial year sales is a smart move. 

      Our picks: 

      1. Certified refurbished MacBook Air 2022 - excellent for school and travel.
      2. XBox Series S (under $500 now!) - best starter pack for a budding gamer.
      3. Adjustable Phone & Tablet Stand - for the content creator in training. 

        Setting up your home office? We got you. 

        Calling dibs on the coziest nook of the house to set up your home office? We’ve got you covered as you decide on plugging-in the best tech at very affordable prices. Choose from a wide variety of monitors, laptops, headphones, and other work accessories.

        Our picks: 

        1. Apple iMac Retina 4K 2017 - hi res, bright displays for a second screen.
        2. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 - lightweight, portable, and a joy to look at.
        3. Bose Headphones - wireless, noise canceling and ultimate ear comfort.

        Updating security cameras? Definitely a good idea.

        We don’t compromise on quality, and you shouldn’t compromise on security. Equip your offices with the best security arsenal to give yourself peace of mind, and make sure your visitors, customers, or employees enjoy a pleasant and safe environment. 

        Our picks: 

        1. Ultech UL-Tech CCTV Security Camera - a complete, outdoor security kit with 4 cameras and DVR.
        2. Google Nest Doorbell Camera - a 2-in-1 doorbell and camera to keep you informed of every visitor - no matter where you are.
        3. NextBase 222 DashCam - a sleek and handy device to record movements around your car. 

        Kickstarting Your Belated New Year's Fitness Resolution? 1,2,3 Go!

        It’s never too late to adopt healthy habits. Reebelo’s collection of refurbished fitness gadgets will keep you and your team motivated and on track all year round.

        Our picks: 

        1. Apple Watch Series 8 - a cult favourite that will help you track steps, heart health, body temperature and so much more.
        2. Apple Airpods Pro - hands-free and entertained - that’s how we want you to workout at lunch hour. 
        3. Marcy ME 709 Exercise Bike - Ready to roll when you are, say hello to your fitness buddy.

        Finally Have Time for Your Passion Project? We Couldn’t Be Happier! 

        If you’ve finally decided to take out time to follow your heart, there’s no better place to look for the perfect devices than Reebelo. We pride ourselves on empowering you to do what you love without spending a fortune. 

        Our picks:

        1. Apple Pencil 2nd Gen - a swipe here and a tap there, it’ll get your creative juices flowing for your side gig.
        2. Apple Magic Keyboard - it's the gold standard for content creation. Not to mention easy to hold and fold. 
        3. Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5 -  your best buddy to fuel your passions on the go. 

        Revamping the office meeting setup? Here’s to better sound.

        There’s nothing like crisp picture quality and clear sound when it’s time for the monthly global catchup. But don't let this upgrade break the bank. We’ve got just the right, refurbished and reputable devices for you to buy in Australia from the end of financial year sales. 

        Our picks: 

        1. TCL 32” HD Smart TV - a whole new way to connect this season.
        2. Apple TV 4K 2021 - experience luxury entertainment with no limits. 
        3. Apple Homepod Mini - bring it all together with wireless integration.  

          What Makes Reeblo The Best One-Stop-Tech Shop for EOFY 2023?

          It's our commitment to trust and transparency that sets us apart. We strive to bring the best in refurbished and sustainable tech with 70+ quality checks, buyer protection, and a 12 month warranty. So you can buy with confidence and enjoy your tech for years to come.

          Experience a seamless purchasing experience, wide selection of new arrivals, excellent customer service, and fast, free shipping all over Australia. Let’s refresh the way you consume tech this tax season. 

          Happy Shopping!